March 17, 2020

Dear Patient,

COVID-19 is a serious health concern and we are taking steps to protect our valued patients, staff and providers. In addition to the routine infection control measures that we take, we are instituting changes based on the recommendations of health officials and guidelines from the CDC to limit potential exposure of patients.


We are asking all patients to bring their completed paperwork to their office visit, this will mean less time waiting in the waiting room.  If you are unable to complete your paperwork prior to the visit we encourage you to bring your own pen.

Some patients may not want to wait in the waiting room, we understand and will happily call you for your appointment if you prefer to wait outside or in your vehicle.   Please note this is not an opportunity to leave campus, when we call, we do expect that you are just steps away. If you would like to wait outside or in your vehicle, please advise the front desk and provide them with your best contact number. We will need to confirm your paperwork is completed in its entirety before you leave the reception area.

Patients can no longer bring a guest to accompany them to the appointment, only the patient will be permitted past the reception area.  We ask that any guests wait in their vehicle as we are not allowing visitors to wait in the reception area.  Everyone who enters the building will be screened for COVID-19. This includes: FEVER, COUGH, DIFFICULTY BREATHNG, AND RESPIRATORY ILLNESS and if you have traveled to a high risk COVID-19 destination. If you or your guest test positive for any screener we will immediately cancel your appointment and a team member will call you to reschedule.

Our staff and physicians always wash their hands before and after every patient interaction and we disinfect each exam room after each patient’s appointment.

These are extraordinary times and we are hopeful that you have understanding in our implementing these measures. If we don’t take appropriate precautions and it were to become widespread in our community and or office, we would have to potentially seriously limit our ability to care for our patients.


Thank you

Spine Institute of Arizona