Dr. Dohring and his team truly care about a patients welfare. The professionalism and credentials are unsurpassed. Dr. Dohring is at the top of his field. His Physician Assistant, Bill Balogh, has unrivaled experience! The entire team is a blessing. They gave me my life back. I haven’t felt this good in years. Couldn’t be happier. I would have recommended the Spine Institute of Arizona without reservation.

Rich F.

Dr. Faryna and his entire staff have been amazing to work with. My surgery was a complete success. I would highly recommend the entire team of physicians and surgeons!


After having my first appt with Dr. Dave today, I had to write this review. I’ve never been treated with care and concern before about my neck issues, and not only did she take the time to listen to me (about 20 minutes!), she actually gave me a plan of action and explained everything in detail. I’m so incredibly happy to have found a doctor that finally listens!

Allison M.

Top-notch docs! I have seen a few of the doctors here for different procedures as they were working me up. I have nothing but positive things to say about every interaction I had with the doctors and the staff. They are the best in town (I know, I was looking for my third opinion when I found this office). They take the time to listen, explain, and make sure you are comfortable. I have told all my neighbors, friends, and family about this place. I recommend without reservation. I can now spend my days on the golf course (why I moved to AZ). Thanks Spine Institute, keep up the good work.

Rich G.

Dr. Auten was amazing. He took his time to diagnose my problem and corrected my low back pain in 3 visits. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Barry M.

I’ve been a patient for 4 years now, and definitely recommend Dr. Rowley for pain management. He’s cautious because he is an analytical person, and wants to weigh all options to best help you. As there’s an increased risk for addiction to drugs like Percocet, Dr. Rowley prefers to use solutions that don’t rely on medications unless absolutely necessary. This also saves the patient money, time, and a trip to the pharmacy. He is kind. He is caring, and is attentive to his patients.

Anonymous Patient of Dr. Rowley

I had surgery on L3 & L4 for stenosis about 3 years ago by Dr. Dohring. The recovery was virtually pain free, and I got immediate relief and continue today to benefit from that surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Dohring for back surgery.

David H.

I came to Dr. Wang for a second opinion. His thorough, gentle demeanor made me feel confident that the surgery I needed was necessary and confident in the success of that surgery. He explained things in a very simple manner and went over the MRI in detail so that I fully understood what was going to be happening during surgery.

Karen L.

Dr. Wang is a caring and professional doctor. He explained the procedure that I would need to have done thoroughly. He insisted that I take time to think about the surgery to be done. He did not want me to make a rash decision. My family and I greatly appreciated this attitude. Once we made the decision to go ahead with the surgery, Dr. Wang was extremely comforting towards me. He reassured me that the surgery would go well. The surgery went very well. I highly recommend Dr. Wang as a surgeon.

Jyl W.

Dr. Wang has performed surgery on 3 of my family members, myself included, with excellent results. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to work on my spine.

Joseph S.