Dr. Gause has done 4 surgeries on my neck and back and we’ve had some pretty scary situations arise at times but I always felt safe with him taking care of me. I knew everything would turn out OK. Dr. Gause is the sweetest, kindest doctor I have ever had and I feel he is the best doctor in the country in his area of medicine. I love the fact that he has a sense of humor and I can usually get him to laugh about something. I love him dearly and would not hesitate at all to refer anyone to him. I also love Liz, his medical assistant. She is very professional and since I am a nurse, I can tell she knows what she is talking about. She always gets back to me in a timely manner and always shows so much compassion. Sarah, the x-ray tech, is also so sweet and I KNOW that girl knows what she is doing. Also, we share a special love for dogs. The receptionist who always checks me in is the first impression of the office and she is an angel. She always remembers my name and makes me feel welcome. I probably wrote more than I should but Dr. Gause and his team are wonderful.