When you have encountered a life-altering condition, whether it be an acute injury, chronic medical condition, sports-related injury, work-related injury, or motor vehicle accident, Brock Auten, DC and Nicholas Holloway, MS, LAT, ATC, CA will work with you to improve pain-free spinal function.

If physical medicine modalities and chiropractic medicine are recommended as part of your treatment plan, you will receive a full evaluation of the following: patient history, functional movement patterns and body mechanics, postural alignment and abnormalities, range of motion and muscular strength. The evaluation provides information that is needed to develop a customized plan of care based on the individual’s needs.

Utilizing the Newest Therapy Techniques

Our highly skilled clinicians will utilize the newest manual therapy techniques with an emphasis on soft tissue/joint mobilizations, active release techniques (ART), decompression therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and therapeutic exercise.

Our goal is to restore quality of life to our patients using methods that are both innovative and clinically proven.